Elena Chernokalskaya, PhD

Elena held leadership roles at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Merck Millipore, GE, and Cytiva. She and her teams have developed and commercialized a number of award-winning product for Life Science Research and Bioprocess. She has experience building and leading large teams, organizational design to meet business objectives, long-term strategic planning and day-to-day tactical implementation of product development. With a PhD from Moscow State University and postdoctoral training at DAAD (Germany) and National Institutes of Health (USA), Elena has acquired a solid academic foundation and a global perspective in her field.

Alexander Lazarev, PhD

Alexander currently serves as a Chief Scientific Officer at Pressure BioSciences, Inc., directing product development and innovative research in the areas of biological sample preparation, biophysical characterization of proteins, protein refolding, and nanotechnology-based formulations development utilizing the company’s patented high pressure technologies. Alexander is heading a multidisciplinary team of researchers aiming to promote the use of hydrostatic pressure as a thermodynamic driver of biochemical processes, and to eliminate major bottlenecks in biomarker discovery, drug development, biomanufacturing and drug delivery. Prior to Pressure Biosciences, he honed his expertise in proteomics and biological sample preparation by working in various R&D positions at Proteome Systems, Genomic Solutions, PhytoChem Technologies, ESA, and Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis at Northeastern University.